Holly Olver Hertig January 2023 Oil & Acrylic Classes

How to work with grease! Oil Paint!

Holly Olver Hertig has been an artist all her life and has learned from the Masters. She has been teaching art since 2008.

Classes are sponsored by the Irving Art Association and located at Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan Dr., Irving,TX 75061

She will share the skills of the Masters of Oil Paint, then you will be able to take them home and create to your heart’s content. 

$10 an hour (with other students) $20 for private lessons.

Holly has a class starting at 1/21/2023 1pm-4pm

 Text or call Holly 858-603-5870. All supplies included.

Amazing Acrylics

We had such fun at the IAA last Summer of 2022, Holly wants to do that again.  1/21/2023 10am-1pm $30

Call or text Holly @ 858-603-5870 All supplies included.

Classes are sponsored by the Irving Art Association and located at Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan Dr., Irving,TX 75061

About the artist

Holly Olver Hertig has been drawing since she has been holding a pencil in her hand. She always loved drawing animals, mainly cats. She earned her undergrad degree in Elementary Ed to fund her art habit and continues her studies under different professional artists. After college, she was a full time innercity elementary School teacher. She married Jeff Hertig and had Ashley, Kasey, and Tory Hertig. 

Holly spends left-over time to polish her teaching and talent. She loves sharing tips and ideas with her students and learns from her students as well as her artist-mentors. While in California, she taught at Palomar College and Poway Adult School and their youth education program. She earned her Grumbacher Teacher Certificate and taught Drawing and Acrylic at Michael’s. She craves strong colors and has received several awards for her work. She teaches programs with adult and youth education. Holly Olver Hertig has renewed her California Clear Teaching Certificate and has Texas Teaching Certifications as well. She will teach full-time. Holly Hertig has expanded her online teaching career due to the pandemic while she resides in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Her New Venue is Irving Arts Association on 1975 Puritan Drive Irving, Texas 75061. She plans to hold workshops and classes, teach, tutor and coach. Holly also serves as the Publicity Chair for Irving Art Association.

For more about Holly see her website https://hyperpalette.tumblr.com


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