LGAA Winter Show November 4 – January 8

Winter Show
Spiritual, Holiday or Winter Theme

November 4 through January 8
Drop off: Monday & Tuesday, October 31 and November 1
Hanging: Wednesday, November 2nd

Lake Granbury Art Assoication
The Shanley House Gallery, Granbury TX

LGAA 2023 Tentative Schedule
Key: LGAA MM = Lake Granbury Art Association Monthly Meeting
LSGN: Last Saturday Gallery Night
Red Show: January 14 through February 13
January 9&10: LGAA MM & Red Show drop-off, January 12&13: Hang
January 28, 5-8pm: LSGN and Red show Reception
February 13: LGAA MM, Red Show pick-up and Portrait group show drop-off
February 14: Red Show pickup Portrait group show drop- off
Portrait Group Show: February 15 – March 20
February 25, 5-8pm, LSGN and Portrait Show reception
March 13, LGAA MM
March 20&21: Portrait Show pick-up and Spring Show Drop-off
Spring Membership Show: March 22-April 30
March 25, LSGN and Spring Show Reception, 5-8pm
April 10, LGAA MM, 6pm
April 14-16: Wine Walk
April 29, LSGN, 5-8pm
 Children’s/Student Show Monday, May 1 – May 20
   Deliver art: May 1-3
   Reception and pick-up May 20
 May 8, LGAA MM, 6pm, Prospectus for Fall show due on CaFÉ
May 22, June Group show drop-off 
May 27, LSGN, 5-8
June 12, LGAA MM
June 19, July Group show drop-off
June 24, LSGN
June 26 -29, Youth summer Workshops
July 1: Fall show Prospectus to all
July 10, LGAA MM
July 24, July group down, August up
July 29, LSGN 5-8pm
August 14, LGAA MM
August 26, LSGN
September 11, LGAA MM
LGAA Fall Show runs September through October
September 30, LGAA Fall Show Reception/LSGN, 5-8pm
                October 29, Fall Show closes
October 30, Winter Show starts
November 13, LGAA MM, Red show prospectus due