Spirit of the West 2022 Call for Entry

Spirit of the West 2022

Hosted by Weatherford Art Association and The Doss Center

The annual Spirit of the West Show is ready to receive entries for our 2022 competition.  Teal Blake, award winning Cowboy Artist of America will judge this event.  This show will celebrate the heritage of the American West.  Art should capture not only landscapes but the rugged independence and tenacious adventures of the majestic west and the individuals and animals that made it happen!  Artists should submit pictures of their work online to cynlyn19@aol.com by September 2nd. The judge will select all work to be submitted.  Artists will be informed of their acceptance into the show no later than September 13th.  Judging will be completed after all work is hung or displayed.  Please send registration and fees by September 2nd to: Cindi Neverdousky, 504 Queensway Rd., Willow Park, Tx 76087.  You can find the prospectus and registration at weatherfordart.com.