Art Club at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center

ART Club: Access, Resources, and Tools

The Oak Cliff Cultural Center is pleased to announce ART CLUB, a series of workshops for artists and cultural organizations.
ART CLUB is a program created and administered by the Oak Cliff Cultural Center with the goal of providing local artists and organizations with educational resources to grow their careers and network. ART = Access, Resources, Tools. The program offers a variety of workshops and meeting sessions with professionals at the helm. ART CLUB is designed to answer questions, provide an environment for growth, and create a network of well-equipped artists.The inaugural series of ART CLUB will feature three writing workshops presented by artists and arts professionals.Session 1 with Ciara Elle Bryant: What’s your story?
Session 2 with NALAC: Grant writing for artists
Session 3 with Ariana Cook: Building a budgetART Club will take place every 1st Saturday of the month. For more information on these FREE workshops, visit