Francesco Fontana Invites You to Join Him on a Journey into the World of COLOR!

Renown Italian painter Francesco Fontana is coming to Dallas via Italy for a three-day workshop April 12, 13, and 14.  His intent – to take you on a wonderful journey into the world of color!  He will begin by demonstrating how to create light magic and illusion using monochromatic value studies.  Next, he will go on to show you how to concoct transparent and intense darks without using black – worth the price of the workshop alone!  He will cover color theory, how to analyze color in your reference photo, and how to mix and replicate local color realistically.  On day three he’ll journey with you as you create your own original creative color schemes!  And all this with your OWN favorite photo references of cityscapes and landscapes – its going to be fantastico!

Sponsored by Southwest Watercolor Society Venue: Artisan’s Studio Gallery, 2825 Valley View Lane, #301, Farmers Branch, TX  Price: $350 for SWS Members, $400 for Non-Members