LARRY AKERS | GEOMEKINETICA opens Dec. 3rd at the Geometric MADI

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

GeomeKinetica : 3D Kinetic Art and Sculptures
by artist Larry Akers from Austin, Texas
December 3rd, 2021 through March 3rd, 2022

Red Yellow Refractory

Mixed media: Acrylic rod, acrylic sheet, collage on Masonite, oil-painted wood25″H x 37″W x 6″D 2021The Refractory piece is a box whose front surface is an array of clear acrylic rods. The back panel is painted in an arrangement of triangles and quadrilaterals. The sides of the box are translucent. colored acrylic sheets to admit light. The rods refract and fracture the back panel image. As the viewer changes their position, the image appears to move, shuffling its geometry, and shifting the dominant color palette, resulting in a kinetic and highly interactive experience.

3109 Carlisle Street
Dallas, TX 75204-1194