Large Format Silver Workshop

What does it mean when you hear people say they shoot large format, and why do they do it? In this 1.5-day workshop, discover what it’s like to work with a large camera, beautifully crafted out of metal or wood, that holds sheets of film from 4×5 all the way up to 11×14 and beyond.

Compared to shooting quickly with a digital camera, large format cameras require a lot more time and patience to set up and use, but that kind of deliberate process can invite more creativity, more connection to the subject than shooting quickly with a smaller camera. Large format practitioners often talk about how they become more intentional with the format, that it slows them down.

This workshop is for all levels of experience! It is a great opportunity for those looking to dip their toe into large format, as well as those comfortable with the format and want some guidance on the creative and technical side.

You must wear a mask during this full-day workshop. There are no exceptions. If you don’t plan to wear a mask, then please don’t register for this workshop. If you register and don’t have a mask with you, we have one for you. If you won’t wear it, you’ll be asked to leave and there will be no refund. Please view our COVID policies and procedures here. When you register, you will need to sign our COVID policy agreement and waiver.

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